This rope is produced in our ropewalk and is made out of cotton or polyester. Slight colour differences are normal, because in real life there are new ropes or used ones as well.
When choosing the rope it´s important to convert the diameters with regard to measurements, because, among others, the right strength of the rope is important for the whole impression, which could be affected by an inadequate rope.
Examples of the best choice can be seen when referring to models under the button “Link”. You can find information on the strength of rope’s in the technical literature or in some model making forums.
Each product page contains a short comment explaining which rope is used for which purpose. However, neither the colour, nor the direction of the lay seem to be cleared unambiguously. Therefore it makes sense to make your own research to find out how the rope required was made.

The prices on the website do not include VAT.
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