Cancellation policy

Consumers (ยง13 BGB) are entitled to cancel their orders

You may revoke your sales contract either in a written form (e.g. by letter, e-mail, facsimile) without stating any reason or by returning the goods within two weeks.
The expiration period begins as soon as you have received these instructions.
In order to observe the cancellation period, it is enough to send the cancellation notice or to dispatch the goods on time. The cancellation is to be directed to:

Modellbau- Takelgarn
J. Marx
Berdingstr. 4 B
30451 Hannover

Consequences of revocation
The consequences of a revocation are as follows: the buyer has to return the goods received and the seller has to reimburse the amount obtained.
If you are not able to return the goods received in full or in part or in bad condition, the buyer will have to compensate the seller to the extent of their value.
Goods packed in parcels are to be returned.
The buyer has to carry the dispatch costs in case the quality of the product delivered corresponds to the quality ordered and if the shipping costs of the goods to
be sent back does not exceed an amount of 40 euros.
Otherwise the return delivery is free of charge for the seller. Should the cancellation be made within 30 days, the seller is obliged to reimburse the buyer.

End of the cancellation instructions